I’m a newbie when it comes to hiking. I’ve been frustrated with finding a source with real reviews on trails, so I created my own.

I tend to hike solo. I like to be challenged but when alone, I won’t be stupid. I don’t understand people who haul booty on trails, not taking in what is around, or just being…still.

I have been known to hike with my cat, Tuxie the #hikingkitteh. I am oddly fascinated by paw prints, petroglyphs, geology, snakes (from a questionable distance), and scat. I love sleeping in a hammock. My feet are always cold. I suck at water crossings and balancing. I take my coffee VERY seriously. I have had quite a few bear encounters and find them oddly amusing.

I live in Atlanta, so my trips are usually close-ish. I enjoy the quick drive to the Chattanooga, northeast Georgia, Alabama, or the Carolinas¬†for a few days of hiking or backpacking. I prefer trails and campsites where I don’t see a soul.

All the photos and videos are mine. I will link to outside sources for directions, etc. I just got a Garmin Etrex – when I figure out how the hell to use it, I’ll try to upload trail data (but don’t hold your breath.)

You can see videos on YouTube Under “The Hiking Diva”
Twitter: @thehikingdiva
Instagram: @hikingdiva


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  1. Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am writing an article for Adventure Cats (http://www.adventurecats.org/). My assignment is to give a rundown of backpacks you can carry your cat in while hiking. I saw a picture of your hiking cat on Google and was wondering if you have any experience with “cat backpacks.” Thanks!

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