Vogel State Park Campground

Just a quickie…

If you don’t have an RV, go for the “Walk-in Campsites”. Many are literally 10ft away from where you park your car and the Comfort Station is close by. I was the only person out there (it was a Monday night in January). I chose site “B” which has a lovely stream with mini-waterfall behind the site. It shares with site “C”. 

Each site had a fire pit, picnic table (some cement, some wood), gravel tent plot. There was a fair amount of smaller wood for a fire, there are a lot of trees cut down in the area, so if you want to break out an axe… Or you can bring your own or buy a bundle for $5. 

Even though it was winter, sites B/C still offered a lovely view of the stars as well. I did not notice any dead/standing trees around B/C.

I dropped a piece of bread while making dinner, and threw it quite far away. It was still there in the morning… I didn’t see any squirrels and only heard one crow.

The comfort station, Site A, and parking is just beyond the bush. I was standing by the picnic table with my back to the stream. Site A is directly across from the “Comfort Station” (it would be distracting for me to be there, because people/cars would be passing by all the time) You can see the site layout on the Park Map…(link below)Site D is up to the left. Site D is odd… it has a large raised wooden platform for a tent and is on a hill. Several other sites were further up the hill and there was a lot of heavy equipment there – I’m Tguessing that will be gone by the spring.

The Women’s Comfort Station was clean enough. Heated. 2 sinks/mirrors, 2 electric plugs. 3 or 4 toilets (didn’t count) and ONE shower. It was clean but water was not super-hot. It was slightly more than warm. It has a bench if you wanted to sit while showering & another bench to sit your things on while showering.

My cute 2person tent…



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