Totally Bluffed: Tallulah’s High Bluff Trail

I decided to give Tallulah Gorge’s High Bluff Trail a whirl. I’m reviewing it to save you the experience. It was a walk in the woods. A sad walk. Lots of trees down from storms & beetle infestation. It’s also open to mountain bikes, but I did not encounter another person on the trail. 

It’s 3.71 miles and took me about 1:45 to do (slowly, taking pictures.)

You enter the trail right where you pass thru the “toll booth”.

The High Bluff Trail is a spur of the Stoneplace Trail (which is the Backcountry Trail)

I encountered 2 of the Stoneplace campsites… no offense, but not exactly impressive views. I could still hear trucks going by and the views were blah.

The trail is mostly red clay, sometimes a stream bed. Well-marked except one spot (will detail later) There were a few muddy spots, one small stream to hop over (look up/down from the path for a less muddy place), and a few spots were “rooty”.

And there were lots, and lots and lots of downed and diseased trees:

Then the view changes to a more “electrical view”:This section got a bit confusing, the trail markers were down, and it doesn’t look particularly picturesque. The trail continues along the border of a WMA. You’ll eventually see trail signage ahead:And the rest of the trail continued uneventfully:

These are some other random things that caught my attention:

3.71 miles 903ft elevation change (it was really really gradual)



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