The “B” Word

I started this space for trail reviews and campsite overviews but this post is more “issue-related” and product-reviews…

My love of hiking is diametrically-conflicting with my insistance on having baby-soft, nicely-pedicured feet. The result… blisters!

I’ve purchased more than 20 different pr of socks and liners that various outfitters recommend for the “blisterically-challenged”. I even changed out socks during day-hikes if they were slightly moist. Still end up with blisters.

I tried spraying my feet with Gold Bond to absorb moisture, even “clinical strength” anti-perspirant. Thing is, my feet don’t get sweaty. Regardless… still ended up with blisters.

Next was Body Glide… didn’t work a bit. It made it hard to put an adhesive protective barrier on when hot spots started.

I had some AWESOME moleskin that I would slap on tender spots. It would not budge! Sometimes I’d do a couple of layers, but it rocked. I’d had it for ages but threw out the packaging. When it started getting low, began looking for more. No luck. (In a blue box, came in a roll)

I tried Dr. Scholl’s moleskin – both padded & non-padded. Didn’t stay on at all. The “good” moleskin would not budge at all… Dr. Scholl’s slid off in no time. Ditto with Foot Pro’s Soft Strips. Came right off.

While searching online for that awesome nameless moleskin, I came across Flexitol’s “Blistop”. The bottle says “trust Flexitol…it really works! For the prevention of blisters”. Awesome I thought. I followed the directions, applied and let dry, reapplied a few times. It stings & smells a lot like Liquid Skin. Needless to say, it didn’t work worth a squat. (I’ll spare you the gory pictures)

After nursing my blisters, I put on some new Band-Aid bandages for blisters that are supposed to stay put & help healing. They were rather pricey for 6 bandages & slid off in no time.

My podiatrist suggested using surgical adhesive to affix moleskin. (Seriously?) If only I could find that awesome moleskin that stayed “put”…

I will continue my frequent pedis & my quest for some sort of blister-proof solution. In the interim, I’ll continue to preventatively mummify my feet.

Does anyone have their own secrets or proven products to deal with this dilemma?


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