Tallulah Gorge Campground: Terrora is Fitting

The Tallulah Gorge Park is a cooperative between Georgia Power & the State of Georgia. One would think private industry influence would make it more promising.

Exactly the opposite. It’s called Terrora Campground for a reason.

I pulled into the registration area after a quick drive through. The spots were right on top of each other & lots of RV’s.

I thought there was a walk-in campsite (not backcountry). The campground hosts are in charge of registration. The female host was rather rude & said she did not have a map of the park. (Seriously?) I pulled my car to an open space next to the registration area to look at the map of the park I had downloaded. She comes over and puts open palm on my car window – lovely smudge – and tells me I can’t stay there unless I’m registered. (Explained to her that I was merely trying to look at a park map since she didn’t have any.)

Decided I would just bite the bullet and camp there for one night. I went around a 2nd time, trying to figure which spot would be quiet. Selected spot #19. No one was in nearby sites. The male host gave me a park map upon registration. (His wife lied and said she didn’t have a map of the park.) It was $18 cash or check for a tent. Check-out is 1pm.

Did my hiking for the day with a friend & returned to the campground about 6pm to set up camp. I discovered 2 sites across from me was claimed with a group of kids. Loud. Lovely.
The site is fairly standard – picnic table, lantern hook, fire ring, trash can. Not sure what was under the pea gravel because I bent numerous tent stakes in the tent pad area. Despite the ground being moist, the stakes would not go in deeply using rubber mallet.

View of huge power towers behind the tent site. No views, unless you like power towers…

Tried to be a good sport about the kids. They did not shut up all night. I had earplugs, hat with earflaps, as well as Benedryl in attempts to kill their noise. I thought someone else would complain or ask them to keep quiet. 

Of course, I didn’t realize that directly behind my campsite was the main highway. Cars & trucks all night long. LOUD diesel engines. 

At 4:30 am, I was dumbfounded that the kids were still laughing & screaming. It was 33 outside, so I didn’t exactly want to get out of my tent to go over and ask them to shut up. Or to walk over to the tent hosts. I kept hollering “please keep it down” but they were so loud, they didn’t hear me. I kept shining my flashlight at them as they would go back and forth to the “comfort station”. I finally caught the attention of one guy, he said they’d keep it down. That lasted about 5 minutes.

So I started packing up my gear inside my tent. As soon as there was some daylight, I broke down my tent, made coffee (as I was going to need it)

I went into the comfort station for a quick shower.It was clean & heated. But the showers were a joke. One (broken) hook to hang towel, stuff. TINY bench that was maybe 4 inches deep & 18 inches long. Shower was not grungy. Not using any cold, the water was almost hot. The shower does not drain well. 4 toilets. 2 showers. 2 sinks. No paper towels. Laundry inbetween Men’s & Women’s. (I didn’t explore)

There is a handicapped camp site, and a second comfort station. I’d check that one out to see if there was a handicapped accessible shower stall that might be a bit more roomy.

There is a playground & area is well-lit. (Too well-lit in some instances) There is a trail connecting to the Interpretative Center. I didn’t check it out. 

There are are alternate campgrounds (national park & wma’s) in the area that the Rangers said they would camp at before camping at Terrora. (I agree) Panther Creek is nearby… Wanted to explore but I’ll do that another time. IF you’re going to camp there, I’d try for spots near the trail sign (I think it’s #34 – farthest away from road.)


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