Rainbow Lake Bee Branch Trail

This trail gets lots of rave reviews. Most of the picturesque shots are in the first mile. I parked at the Ohio Ave lot (which is just down the street from Signal Point Park), hiked in by the golf course, connected with the Bee Branch Trail, crossed swinging bridge #2 and then took the “blue trail” back to the trail head (making my own loop).

Some of the “bridges” were rather rotten or wiggily near the golf course, but easily crossable.

The swinging bridges provided lovely views… There is a campsite in this area. And I did a bit of off-trail exploring upstream and along the rock formations.

The creek was absolutely gorgeous. Numerous places where you could wade in or get your feet wet on a warm day. 

This rock formation was one of few in the area before descending.

The trails were well-marked, but this spot was a bit slippery/uneven. There had been a fair amount of rain in the preceeding days

This dam is upstream of the swinging bridge. I had visited it previously when there had not been significant rain. (Different angle)

If you head toward this sign, you’ll make it to Signal Point. If you cross the swinging bridge and head to the left, you’ll head up to an amazing huge rock formation.

I confess, I don’t know what “the camping table” was. I barely saw the actual Rainbow Lake. 

Link to Trailhead, GPX, Maps:



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