Prentice Cooper: Snooper’s Rock to Mullens & Ransom Overlooks

So I FINALLY made it to Mullen’s Overlook. I started at Snoopers and headed west thru the Hemlock Branch Campsite (a little creepy in a cool sort of way). It’s densely wooded, with a nice groupings of rocks to sit around the campfire. There is a small rock overhang at one end of the camp area that was eerie to me. It’s a very open area. I was thinking “Blair Witch” when I walked around.

Then I continued west to Mullen’s Overlook. Mr. Mullen was apparently big on hype. There was barely anywhere to sit. The view was nice, but nothing jaw-dropping. 

Then I made my way east to the campsite again, and then south to Ransom Overlook. It was more impressive, a better view (but nothing in comparison to Snooper’s). It’s a nicer spot to have lunch of the 2 overlooks.

I do remember getting a bit confused after Ransom Overlook with the trail back. tThere were a few other trail spurs not on my maps. I didn’t explore them because I had to get back to the trailhead by dark.

There was a large rock formation that you can walk through. (My camera batteries were running low, so I didn’t take a lot of pictures of this.)I don’t recall a lot of detours, but there were a few trees that had been cut through. The trail overall was easy and well-marked. I’ll have to see if I have distances on these hikes… the GPS signal on the west side of Tower Drive is sketchy.

My phone quit tracking, so I have multiple maps for the one hike:


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