Prentice Cooper: Indian Rockhouse to Snooper’s Rock

This time, I crossed Tower Drive from Cumberland Trail parking lot to follow the path to the Indian Rockhouse. 

It’s an easy hike of about 1/2 mile to the Indian Rockhouse. It’s a fascinating complex that goes far beyond what you initially see. I would love to know more about the history of it, but I haven’t found much about it.

After taking in all that is the Indian Rockhouse, I headed “south-ish” along the trail toward Snooper’s Rock. The path is well-marked and I don’t recall any particularly steep inclines or declines. Just gradual ones. There is a lovely view of the river along the majority of the hike. Some nice rock outcroppings. There is one minor section with a switchback – that could be a little tricky for someone that isn’t steady on their feet. A couple of really minor streams that were a simple hop. I cannot imagine even in torrential rains that it would be a problem.

Then, you approach Snooper’s Rock. The view was…breathtaking. I had no idea what it would look like. There is a rock toward the back that is a great place to just ‘be’. I’ve been back multiple times – at sunrise, sunset, and during the day. I’ve watched the hawks fly their ‘patterns’, watched various boats go up and down the river… Only advice is to skip it if you’re seeking serenity on weekends around noon. (The ATV’ers)

It’s quite serene and very infrequently I encountered people. Great place for a picnic.

My review on AllTrails for Cumberland Trail (this segment):


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