Pi-NO-ti aka Pinhoti Trail

Pilchers Pond to Snake Head Gap

When I hike, I like to have some interesting points or destination. We started at Pilchers Pond

and hiked along the ridge to Snake Gap. Not particularly picturesque. At all. Some nice (trying to be positive) views of mountains in distance but the rest of the section was “meh”.

Lots of fallen trees. Nothing that required navigating around…

Did not see so much as a bird, squirrel or Big Foot. I did see this branch that sort of looks like a bird’s head… Does that count?

Trail has some inclines & descents – nothing killer – but steady to get blood pumping a little.

Passed some mtn bikers & 1 other hiker. More muddy crossings than actual stream crossings. *Area had a good soaking 2 days before. Some folks in our group complained about “the rocks” on the trail – the trail was well-marked, no trees blocking the trail, but there are small rocks on the path from time to time – none bigger than an orange, but one does need to keep an eye out. *This seems obvious to me, but…

6.2 miles per my GPS, took us about 3hrs with “lunch break” and waiting several times for slow pokes.

Trailhead at Snakehead has restrooms – didn’t use them, so can’t comment on ’em. Lot at Snakehead is large, on a fairly busy road. “Lot” at Pilcher can fit maybe 3 cars. Not sure I’d feel quite as comfortable w/ my car there…

My verdict… no need to return. Not worth the drive for me. I would have rather stayed in Atlanta to hike locally or gone elsewhere.


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