Oconee River Campsite

After the falling tree, lunging spider, paw prints galore and lovely sunset at Mistletoe, decided to go in a different direction.

I read about a small 5 spot campsite on Oconee River just up from Scull Shoals with a vault toilet, day use area including trails, boat ramp & picnic table. Here’s a link to the official site: http://goo.gl/yAzN2

Color me impressed. Paved road. 5 large campsites with picnic tables, fire ring, lantern post & grill. For $5 a night! The sites weren’t directly on the river, but I could see it from my campsite (#5).

It was mostly quiet – at night I could hear a few mufflered trucks going by. And Saturday night at 11:45, some local yahoos in a pick-up truck with loud engine were in parking area with headlights glaring directly into my tent. I was ready to break out my bear spray & have a chat with them.

All the other spots were occupied by Saturday. I spoke to several of them – all locals. They were

 surprised I “knew” about it. (The wonder of the internet!) Apparently this area flash floods frequently when there is a heavy rain… as in the water is above the campground & road, so keep that in mind if there’s a heavy rain forecasted.

No water (except river), trash cans on site, plenty of wood (bring handsaw to make it campfire-size). Despite hearing cacophony of owls, frogs, crickets, geese and seeing paw prints for raccoons, possums and feral pigs, nothing bothered my site. (I left out some sweet potatoes overnight that had gotten a bit “ripe”.)

Hiking was… not challenging but enjoyable. Bring bug spray. I’ll post trail review separately.


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