My Thanksgiving Camping Experience at Prentice Cooper WMA

Since I don’t have family to speak of, I decided to go camping/hiking for the Thanksgiving holiday. I’ve been car-camping solo, but this was going to be my first solo-tent-camping. 


Prentice Cooper WMA has been where I’ve done a good chunk of my hiking. There’s a campground waaaaay in the back called Davis Pond where one can have their car nearby.

I set up my tent and started collecting wood for my first campfire as the sun was beginning to set. I knew it was going to be a challenge because it had rained hard for three days prior to my arriving. But I made fire!!!

While collecting wood, a couple arrived, asked if I was alone, and asked if I had problems with dogs because their dogs ‘barked a lot’. I love dogs, said no problem. I also said my brothers were caught in traffic after football practice, but would be here soon. The dogs, Gilbert – a German Shepard breed starting with “M”, and Tia – a black pit bull. The dogs ran around a lot, would come up to me and bark, then run off. No biggie, I was busy admiring my campfire.

I didn’t pay attention to my packing and brought my 30degree bag instead of my 0degree bag. I froze my posterior off. Thankfully, I had some of those heat packs to snuggle up to. (I really should have a dog or a man to curl up in a tent with for body heat.) I had thermals & one pair of pants, but I was so cold, I put on another pair of pants. 

Things happen for a reason people…

In the morning, I got up to go to my car to get my stove out to make coffee. Gilbert and Tia came running over to bark at me and go back to their tent. I was thinking how much I wished I had one of them in my tent to warm me up.

Then Tia came back over. Barked. I said hi. Then she lunged and BIT me on my leg/side of knee. 

I kicked her with my other leg and she barked more showing her (very sharp) teeth and ran off.
I stood there dumbfounded. 

No blood, but it hurt like a mo-fo. Teeth bruises were already appearing. Her owners rushed over, swearing she had never done that before. I was imagining what could have happened. My leg developed a huge bruise during the day. 

Lesson learned: 
Keep your damn dogs on leashes.

Link to Prentice Cooper Page (PDF Map)



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