Little River Canyon: Martha’s Didn’t Falls Short!

Directly across from the High Falls side of the parking area, you’ll see a small sign for Martha’s Falls. It’s a .66 mile hike to summer awesomeness. Wear: sturdy shoes, bring water shoes, sunscreen, a mask/snorkel, floating tube, beverages, camera, & several large garbage bags.

The trail is completely unblazed. There are numerous spurs but they all lead back to the same trail (from what I explored). You can also follow the trash. (More on that later)

The trail is a bit rocky and uneven toward the end. The final descent is steep & not ideal for flip flops. Sharp rocks, lots of glass…

The trail opens up to the LIttle River above Martha’s Falls:The textures and wear on the rocks, as always, fascinated me:I thought this looked like a moray eel in this rock:

The actual Martha’s Falls:However, the main attraction is the cliffs where you can jump off into the water… You’ll see some sections are more shallow than others. 

To exit the swimming hole – look for the large “butt-crack boulder” on the same side as the falls. There is a large inclined rock that is easiest to climb out below the “butt-crack boulder”.IF there has been a good rainfall, then this place is teeming with people enjoying it. However, the falls/swimming hole usually dry up in the summer… You must be careful where you jump!

There is SO much garbage laying around. Please do more than your share to pick up stuff. I had a few people helping some. I had 2 large garbage bags full, and could have easily filled 5 more.  


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