Island Ford Trail

I am trying out new boots/insoles/socks combinations so I have been doing some local exploration hikes. Using reviews on AllTrails to determine which ones are more worthy than others…

Pretty section to walk by the river. Lots of men in waders fishing. Lots of geese and ducks in the water. (No evidence of goose poop on trail) 

Then you meander into the woods. A few small wooden bridges (2 steps to cross) over non-existent streams. A couple of stream crossings that you can hop over. Barely any incline. Trail well-maintained. Some sections had trail maps missing at markers. LOTS of fallen rotting trees. Not blocking the trail, many have been there for quite some time.

Along the trail, you’ll be parallel to the creek, heading toward the river. I encountered a rock formation by the stream, so I went off trail to ‘explore’. There’s some fascinating stacks of small rocks, wood, and etchings. Candle burnings. Not sure if virgin sacrifices happen here under a full moon. (I hope I’m kidding) It was interesting to see. 

Crossing the metal bridge, hanging a right, there is a section that walks along the stream with tiny ‘waterfalls’ if it’s rained recently – nice path that is next to a picnic structure. Continuing on, I crossed the road to the pond (it reminded me more of a swamp). In the summer, I would have to be in a hazmat suit to walk over there – the mosquitos would be eating me up. 

Total 3.68 miles (I doubled back on some trails) Took 3:28 hours (time taking pictures and exploring the ‘odd altar overhang’)

Here’s my path from MyTrack:

Here’s a link to NPS page for trail / park:


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