I Like It Sticky & Sweet: Bailey’s Marshmallow Shooters

A few months ago, someone mentioned soaking marshmallows in liquor before roasting them on the campfire. That sounded awfully flammable to me. I did some searching and found a mention of “Marshmallow Shooters” with Baileys Irish Cream Whiskey.

It sounded yummy. I bought some Baileys & more marshmallows. It took several attempts to perfect the technique…

1. Buy extra large marshmallows (Shot Glass Size). 

2. Use a double-pronged roasting stick. * I got mine at Dollar Tree, for a Dolla! 
I tried the single-pronged stick, but no matter how I pierced the marshmallow, it led to marshmallow suicide. (Which incidentally looks like bear scat when completely burnt.)

3. Scoop out the center of the marshmallow using a knife. Leave a good amount on bottom.
*Easy to do a bunch of them at once at campsite… I tried doing it ahead of time & storing in Ziplock bag, but it got ridiculously stickier than necessary. 

4. Insert the prongs on sides of marshmallow, being very careful not to pierce bottom.

5. Roast marshmallow to desired crispiness.
* I like mine well-done, black, flambe’d. 

6. Let marshmallow cool & slide off onto plate.
* burnt sticky fingers no good, give it a few seconds to firm up.

7. Fill ‘hole’ with Bailey’s.

8. Enjoy! Don’t let them sit too long, the Bailety’s soaks out. It is messy & sticky but sooo good.


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