Hike to Nowhere

Confession: I am directionally-challenged. I have lived in Atlanta my entire life and I still rely on TomTom to get me around.

So a chick like me hiking around alone in the woods sounds like a comedy, right? I was determined to hike the entire TN River Gorge segment of the Cumberland Trail. There was one section, from Edwards Point to Hwy 27 that I hadn’t done. So I set out one day to do that section. 

The trail review sites said it was hard to find. Why the hell they don’t have a huge sign saying “THE TRAILHEAD IS HERE” is beyond me. But I had gps coordinates and my cellphone gps programs trying to get me there.

I never found it. I walked around for several hours. I’m sure I looked like a total idiot.

However, I noticed pavement of some sort below the guard rails, so I followed the guard rails until there was a hidden paved road.

And off I went exploring. It was spectacular. In the summer, it’d be awesome to camp and sunbathe there. Not sure how much it is frequented, but enjoy the pictures.  


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