Hard Labor State Park: UnBeaverable

Before heading home, I thought I’d check out Hard Labor State Park. It has a golf course (I don’t golf, so can’t comment.) It has a beach (closed until next weekend).

However, if you’re in the area, it’s worth a day visit. Bring bug spray, mosquito netting, tarp, long pants, boots you don’t mind getting muddy.


The Beaver Pond Trail. This is the 1st park I’ve encountered that actually had the printouts with info to correspond to trail markers. I learned a lot.

But the beaver pond is fascinating. Hike down to the pond. (It’s off the official trail). You’ll be amazed to how large the underwater beaver lodge is.

There are numerous snapping turtles – particularly this large one.

It’s marshy/muddy but there are ducks, frogs, turtles, snakes, herons galore. I sat for an hour watching everything.

You can also explore down beyond “sitting tree”. Pawprints galore there as well. (I wasn’t wearing waterproof boots, so I was limited with my exploration)

Random shots from the trail:I also walked to the opposite side of the beaver pond and sat in the grass there as well. Fun to watch turtles watching me watching them.

There is a second connecting pond behind the Beaver Pond, it borders several campsites… VERY snakey. Several other snapping turtles…

On way back, discovered spur trail so you could practically connect trails.

The campsites vary a lot in regard to size, view & privacy. Never seen so many camphosts.My GPS was acting wonky, don’t have track but here are all the waypoints –

Trail, including walking to other side of beaver pond & back was less than 5 miles.


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