Gold Branch Trail

I have discovered that any trail in Atlanta rated “moderate” means the path isn’t paved and “difficult” means there is a slight incline…

I jest. Sort of.

Nice walk along the water. Saw some woodpeckers, numerous squirrels, some mallards, turtles & a lizard.

Trail is well-maintained & marked. Initially, you’ll walk over low bridge and some “sewage-smelling” segment (not long but was noticeable on way back to trailhead) I walked entire perimeter along water & then covered interior trails. About half is suitable fo trail-running, but some sections get very “rooty”.

Encountered one large rock overhang / cave that could be missed beyond a steepish incline. It was the only segment that was remotely “challenging”. (by that I mean you need to go slow or you’ll slide 5ft on your rump.)

Interior trails were anything but scenic unless you have binoculars to stare in homes bordering park. *kidding They were a big yawn. Other than inclines, nothing interesting for me.

I hiked this on a Wednesday – encountered a fair amount of people. I didn’t encounter a single leashed dog. I was pounced from behind by a large gray Weimereimer (sp). Scared the * out of me.

No bathrooms on site. Lame picnic area.

Don’t use NPS website map as your guide TO park. (I drove around the neighborhood before the actual park) The map IS more detailed than maps on trailmarkers.

This is #2 for me locally after Palisades so far. (Excluding Kennesaw) I’ll update with GPX & more details…


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