En-Gorged: Tallulah Gorge Floor Trail

After an unsuccessful attempt at the Tallulah Gorge Floor Trail on Sunday, I was determined to experience the trail. Since the weather was 50 degrees warmer & skies were a gorgeous blue, a do-over beckoned me.

After calling to confirm the Gorge Floor Trail was open (at 1pm), I got my permit and headed down “the back way”. I parked at the Day Use Area, took South Rim Trl to Sliding Rock and made my way to Bridal Veil Falls.The water was down a bit but still required taking off boots & wading across. There were a number of people sunning on the rocks (much like the lizards). The water was cold and being barefoot made it easier for me to “feel” where to put my feet. When I got my boots back on, I did an inner happy dance & continued on the trail. The trail isn’t clearly marked. It’s a bit confusing. You are either going up or down river. But there are green spray paint blazes at some points which make sense for the path. Yet there are other green blazes which are down-right insane. The trail also has a variety of colored streamers to guide the path. Again, some made sense, others didn’t.It’s not like you’ll get lost – the gorge doesn’t give you that opportunity. Just make your way as your judgment dictates. There were occasions that made me step back & find another route.Route? Lots of climbing over rocks. Big rocks. Don’t let these pics deter you, seriously, it’s do-able. 

The views looking up were just breath-taking. It didn’t hurt that the sky was a gorgeous blue.

Views along the Tallulah River were equally awesome.

Approaching Oceana

The section at Oceana made me a bit nervous, but I took my time. I wasn’t quite sure which way I was supposed to go (high or low). I didn’t want to slide down into the water.Top of Oceana, looking down-river.

This section was a bit tricky – watch your step & hug the rock to avoid getting your feet wet. Someone coming from other direction almost barreled right into me. If you’re going down-river, it’s just after Oceana.

When I made it to the “other side” of Hurricane Falls, I felt a major sense of accomplishment.*I did not rock-hop to the platform where I fell in. I had an intense PhyTherapy session that morning & my hip was feeling a bit wobbily. I sat on the rocks for a few minutes watching some girls attempt to cross..Then I turned around & crawled back over all the rocks to Bridal Veil Falls. 

I noticed a tidal pool (but rivers don’t have tides) that was “gurgling” at Bridal Veil Falls. There were six frogs in there! The sides were rather steep, so I got a couple of branches to lay as a “ladder” should they want to hop on. I figured it was good “frog karma”. It looked like these two were being “romantic” (or Frog Porn)

I took a couple of really cool shots that showed the clouds reflecting & the “bump” is one of the frogs “eye-balling” me. *It reminded me a lot of a gator.

Time to take my boots off and cross back to the Sliding Rock trail. That last step wading to get a leg up was a b*tch. Small nick on my leg that bled like crazy.

It was 2.7 miles from South Rim to Hurricane Falls and back. Elevation change was 1590 high, 970 low. Here’s the GPX file:


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