Eberhart Point: Truly Worth the Effort Little River Canyon

After exploring Little River Falls and Martha’s Falls… It was about 4pm. I passed by Eberhart Point Trailhead en route back to TAS Campsite. I was eager to get some more exploring. The only information I had on Eberhart Point was that it was .75mi and “Difficult”. 
The trail starts off with 2 viewing areas, that were nice, but meant a lot more on way back to the trailhead. The trail is downhill. Steep. Rugged. But, it was under the tree canopy, and was quite comfortable temperature-wise. Passing numerous benches was not a good sign… I kept thinking “This is gonna suuuuuuuuck on the way back up.” After several steep, long, switchbacks, the trail evened out and opened up to an area with a fire ring, picnic table and a sign saying “NO Camping”.

Then I walked out to the water, looked up and… WOW. It was truly a spiritual experience. Realizing how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things. Perfectly quiet except the water rushing by.

After walking up / down the rocks for a while, I walked back to the picnic table and followed a trail down stream. I encountered several old picnic tables, an abandoned structure, and these cement piling/border of some sort.This stump looked like a bear to me (from a distance) which is rather ironic after the next day’s hike.A toad:

Then it was time to start heading back. Up the switchbacks. But I was so exhilherated by the view, it really wasn’t *that* bad. These were the various segments of the switchbacks. 

I detoured after the switchbacks for an ‘alternate’ route back to the trailhead. (See my gpx files for path) It led me to the top of the incline where I could look down at the water where I had just been standing and almost eye-level with what I had looked up at.

Seriously, it was magical. Also a decent spot for a swim. Bring bug spray & a head net – lots of skeeters & gnats down there.


One response to “Eberhart Point: Truly Worth the Effort Little River Canyon

  1. I’ve read that the cement pillars were part of a chair lift which used to take people over the canyon. There used to be an amusement park around there too, I believe. I’ve often wondered if any other parts of the amusement park remain down there.

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