Desoto Scout Trail: Awesome Exploration

FYI, Desoto never actually visited Desoto Falls. He sent a couple of scouts up to look for gold, who came back to him in Mobile and said “no gold”. Historians aren’t even sure his scouts were at the Falls. (Kind of a sham in my book!) But here are pics of Desoto Falls (which are not on the Desoto State Park grounds)

However, I did more of the Desoto Scout Trail – which was virtually empty – despite being a gorgeous Saturday. Some of the trail I had hiked the previous day, but I continued down stream much further to a primo swimming hole. There were numerous other great spots to picnic, chill, sun, or whatever your heart desires. The trail beyond Desoto State Park is WELL-Marked with new DST signs.The swimming hole has a large rope to climb up the large rocks to jump into the water. 

Upon hiking back, I went back to Indian Falls, but from the bottom/Little River. There were several overhangs and caves. It was not a path frequently taken, but I really enjoyed it.

I’ll upload gpx files over the next week… 


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