Cloudland Canyon Campground

Cloudland Canyon State Park has a variety of different camping options, except during the winter… The East Rim Campground is closed (comfort stations locked) and only a portion of the West Rim Campground was open for the winter. Here’s a link to pdf of park layout to reference…

There isn’t a “view” at West Rim. Pros: it’s fairly quick to connect to the West Rim Trail. I’mguessing this is a bit quieter than the other campsite because of ‘amenities’.

It has 2 comfort stations. The one that was open was clean, but dated. Shower had bench to sit your things on outside the shower curtain. Also had a handicapped accessible shower. The water was hot enough & there was enough heat to make it comfortable. It has 2 sinks with mirrors & 2 electrical outlets. Everything was functional.

There is a small playground behind the comfort station. I’m not a playground guru, so don’t rely on me for a playground review.

The sites have pea-gravel base, a picnic table, a rudimentary stone firepit. (Plus water & electrical – but I’m in a tent, so not an issue for me. The spaces seemed close together. I preferred the set-up at Amicalola… There were a few trees surrounding my space that were “questionable”.The firepit

Other than a few RV’s, I was the only tent-camper there for 3 nights. Behind my site (I think it was #36), is a path to the walk-in campsites. I had people “walking thru” each night. Since I’m a single chick, it made me a bit uncomfortable.

The Rangers drive thru every evening & early in the morning. They visually check the restrooms. It was a bit loud, so you may want to select a site not close to the comfort station. Or, bring earplugs, like I do.

I explored the East Rim campsite my last day… There are more amenities – coke machines, numerous covered picnic tables, an outdoor fireplace with benches and lots of views. There is a lot more parking and open space. (I didn’t take pictures of the actual campground – it doesn’t have the same tree coverings – I would imagine the layout makes it less private. But the views at the East Rim Campsite are definitely nicer. The Overlook trail is right there as well as a fabulous Overlook spot. You’re a few hundred feet from the canyon…

The walk-in sites were also an option, but I passed… I had good signal strength (Sprint) in the West Rim campground, East Rim was sketchy. Coverage in gulch was nil.

I made my reservations at the park – don’t forget to mention the Winter Getaway special for discounts thru 3/31/12.


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