Blue Hole Campsite – Crockford Pigeon WMA

Not a hiking trail review, but a camp site. After hiking Rocktown & then some, debated where to camp for the night. I passed a campsite on way up the mountain, but there were several cars there. I decided to scope out Blue Hole campsite… I wanted a site where I didn’t have to backpack in, but was quiet & I felt safe. (again solo)

I was only person there when I pulled in around 4:30pm. I had to navigate my non-4wheel drive car around some rather large puddles on the ‘campsite path’.

I set up my tent quickly and began to gather firewood. Nice fire circle. I gathered a good amount of wood before dark. There was a (dry) creek (guessing Northish) where I was able to collect a good amount of wood swept down by rainfall. There are large segments of rocks behind the campsite. It was neat to see, but I didn’t have time to explore beyond gathering wood.

Another car came in around 5:15, on the far side of the area. I couldn’t even determine how many people were in the party they were so far away. Maybe 3 other cars came in, made a pass and left. There was plenty of room for others not to be on top of each other.

There was a good amount of trash around – I picked up a good portion and ‘disposed of’ via campfire. There were also several very large very dead trees around campsite. I’d be concerned about setting up near them. I’m surprised they haven’t been addressed. 

The site is quite close to Chamberlain Road. By close, I mean you hear every darn car that goes by. There seems to be a lot of folks with muffler issues. There is also a dog training area – which I explains why I heard a lot of dogs barking.

Despite the other campers being quite far away, they apparently got a flute/recorder for Christmas. HORRIBLE playing. Same 3 notes. Over and over. I wanted earplugs. 

My fire burnt out earlier than hoped (apparently I didn’t have enough wood!), so I retreated to my tent around 9:30. Around 10:15, I was hearing a lot of leaf shuffling coming from behind the campsite, getting pretty close to my tent. Since my car was about 20feet from my tent, I hit the “alarm on” function, making headlights come on & a couple of honks. Scurrying away. Was bigger than a racoon, but not a bear. (Coyote?) Didn’t hear any critter noise the rest of the night. *I was hoping whatever critter it was would have taken out the flutist.

There was a nice view of the moon & stars, but I’ve had places more picturesque. Heard an owl and another unidentifiable bird calling. (Below is view beyond Chamberlain Road)

Apparently the WMA doesn’t shut the gate because at 3am, an ATV went up and down the road off the campsite & then looped around the campsite. Several times. I wanted to taser them.

Got (unexpected) rain around 4am. Wasn’t heavy but it was LOUD on my ultralight tent. On/off until around 6am. When sun came out, packed up and headed out. 

Overall, thumbs down. Not quiet, not particularly pretty location, I’d explore some of the other area campsites – see below link to map. The solo girl camper in me had a bit of concerns about the “drive thru” cars – made me wonder if they were scoping out who was there. When the ATVs came thru, I was more nervous. I had my car alarm & bear spray within reach.

Here’s my video recap:


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