Bearden Falls

It may be called “Bearden Falls”, but Hiking Diva slid. On her booty on dirt/leaves. (that’s a shot of the back of my pants post-hike… High-5 to Tide for removing the stains!)

The trail itself was a piece of cake.

Numerous crossings of the same creek. *I don’t mind it, but rocks are slippery. 


The Dames who I joined were content to admire it from a distance.

I, however, wanted to get closer. It required some “creative climbing” grabbing on to roots, trees & rocks to manage on the slippery clay. I didn’t want to appear like a show-off for the rest of the group, so only made it about 3/4 up.

It was pretty-ish, but for the drive, I much prefer “Falling Water Falls”. I’ll upload trail stats later. It was about 4miles point & back. Numerous small creek crossings, so not ideal for little ones or those unable to navigate slippery rocks.

Didn’t see wildlife – not even a squirrel. Didn’t cross paths with anyone else, although there were some camping & atv-ers – they were not heard.

Here’s my track based on MyTracks (still haven’t figured out how to convert data from Extrex)



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