Bare Bones Camping, Glamping or Somewhere In-between

Heading off this extended holiday weekend for some car-camping & kayaking with a Meet-Up group, then off to do some solo exploring and hiking.

Sometimes, I just choose a destination from a list of places I want to explore. Toss necessities in some Ikea bags and head out.

Even when car-camping, I’ve been fairly bare-bones – taking my 2person backpacking tent. “Luxuries” would be a camp chair, an LED lantern, some firewood & more plush bedding (aka an extra blanket). I’m going to go a little more… “glamping” this time – taking a super-roomy 3-person tent (sans #campcat).

Perhaps it was inspired by my canoe-camping pals (who brought a ridiculous amount of accoutrements), but we’ll see how much “stuff” I decide to bring. More elaborate menu. More cooking supplies. No glitter. No air mattress. No chandelier in my tent.

I have a checklist for backpacking and one for car camping. This holiday weekend’s list is at least twice as long as usual. I’m not bringing a flat panel tv or a microwave. But it’s gonna be pretty hot, so I’m bringing an extension cord for a small fan for my tent at night…

And just think, I could straighten my hair in my tent! (I’m kidding)


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