Back to Sweetwater aka Mudville

Atlanta had a good amount of rain the past couple of days, with more rain over the rest of the week. I was itchin’ to stretch my legs and sashayed over to Sweetwater Creek. I had the pleasure of the company of K.

We hiked the red to white to the “non-white” trail and far beyond the Tributary Campsite marker. I was looking for a road in so I could park & backpack in for a night of camping. Decision: unless you have an ATV, not likely.

Interesting sidenote: they have replaced several of the bridges (but not the yellow trail bidge), including a new one to the Mill Race “Island”. I walked it & took some pics with my “real” camera….

The new bridge on the white trail that crosses into the “non-white trail” was noticeably in front of the sign warning you it wasn’t the trail. (Not sure why it was built there). We encountered a number of people far along the Tributary area, completely unaware they were so far off trail…

It was squishy muddy particularly in sections from the parking lot to the Mill Ruins. The rest of the trails were fine.

K and I continued on white trail thru the detour, connected with the blue and finished at the parking lot. I took off my muddy boots and then decided I wanted to hike more. I went back down to the Mill Race Bridge & explored there & then down to Mill Ruins creekside & came back.

Noticed this odd tree:

Will update with route info … I’m thinking Tallulah next.


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