Amicalola Falls: Day One

I was itching to get some more dirt on my shoes, so I decided, last minute, to head up to Amicalola Falls. Never been there before. (I’ll do a separate posting on the campground)

Friday morning, woke up with some coffee and ‘extremely friendly’ squirrels.

Drove down from campground to the Falls parking lot. I forgot my nicely-colored trail map from the state website. I figured they’d have copies at the campsite. (nooooo) Just a tiny printed map. (thumbs down) There are lovely color-coded trail maps along the various trails along the way. Overall, trails are well-blazed and easy to navigate. Signage is good.

Trails are well-maintained. There are areas of erosion, some ‘rooty’ sections, some narrow (single-file) sections, but nothing challenging for even a recreational walker. I passed a moderate number of people – couples, families. Most dogs were on leash.I was going to ‘connect’ a number of the different trails together to get maximum ground covered. The day was pure blue sky.I could see quite a distance and I headed down the 640 stairs along the falls. 

I passed the “reflection pond” (aka a retention pond) 

and continued on the blue trail all the way down to the Visitor’s Center, crossed the road to begin the Creek Trail. (Truly a lovely walk by the creek which is bordered on the opposite side by some of the cottages.) *I hiked some of the same areas on day 2, when it was rainy, but am including trail-condition/view related shots on this initial review.Some stairs, nothing heart-breaking. 
Views along the Mountain Laurel (Green) and Spring (Orange)

Various views along the West Ridge Trail
If you happen to notice something out of place during the West Ridge Trail…

Connecting to the Mountain Laurel (green) trail, I followed the loop  to connect back to the Creek Trail. I meant to connect with the Spring Trail (orange) but missed it. So I took the Creek Trail, again to Mountain Laurel, then picked up the Spring Trail to the East Ridge (white) trail back to the falls.

I guess some pics of the falls would help, right?

Check out Day 2’s postings and compare the falls after a good rain…


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