Amicalola Falls Campground

Price was cheap. (Plus the Winter Savings of 25-30% off thru March 31) Campsite is nice area. Each one has its own picnic table, fire ring, tent pad. Plenty of space for vehicles (2 permitted). There were 2 other RV’s, otherwise barren. There’s a horseshoe-throwing area, covered picnic areas. Generously spaced out. (Foggy pics were after I packed out with lots of rain) Views from site #18

My campfire. (Impressive eh?)
I got to my spot a little before dark, I was racing to get my tent up & things set up before it was pitch black. The Ranger (or whoever) takes his job tooo seriously. I was chastised for not putting my little name tag on my campsite. No one told me, and his attitude was unwarranted.

There was “camp ground host” who came by & introduced himself. He offered to help with my tent, but I declined. It was dark-ish and I had no idea who the heck he was at that time. In the morning, I saw the sign by their RV saying they were official volunteer campsite hosts. They had a small stockpile of wood, leftover from camp fires..

The “Comfort Station” was okay. Plenty of TP, 2 sinks, air-hand dryer. 2 electrical outlets. 2 showers with room to change. Showers were ‘okay’. Not gross, but shower stream was ‘eh’ and shower curtain was a bit mildewy. But the water was hot. So bring your shower shoes!

Additionally, the materials say you are not to collect dead wood, branches, etc for a fire. (I brought a cord of wood for my first night), I collected wood for my second night in the surrounding area. No one reprimanded me (this time), and there really wasn’t that much wood to be found thicker than your thumb. They sell wood at the Lodge, where you check in, but you might want to bring your own wood to be on the safe side.

Plenty of bear-safe trashcans. (There was still a fair amount of beer bottles, etc around the place) Signs up warning of bear activity (not sure if that’s always up or not). I didn’t use the electrical hook-ups (imagined a critter gnawing thru my cell phone charger. 

I saw 7 wild turkeys Friday evening ‘migrate’ from the “comfort station” (bathrooms) across the campground right past my campsite. Again, no fear. I made “turkey-ish” noises and they responded. (I was afraid I’d be attacked by the herd of rabid wild turkeys)

The Moon was almost full, so I took a few shots in case there were Werewolf Wild Turkeys…

Critters abound… from too friendly squirrels. Little fellas have NO fear of humans. I guess a lot of people feed them. I had made coffee on the picnic table, turned to get something out of my tent maybe 12 feet away, turned around to see a squirrel hauling away a bag of shredded coconut. 

There was also a lot of VERY loud crows. Morning of day 2, I heard them cawing really close to my tent. And then some of the f*ckers were PECKING ON MY TENT! I hit the walls of my tent a few times and they flew off. Still… 

Link to the park’s home page:

Again, I was told to call the Lodge directly to make reservations in the future, that they would honor the “Winter Getaway Special” thru 3/31/12 – 30% off weekdays, 25% off weekends. 


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