A Brief Pause

I have been so busy hiking & paddling (non-stop) since August. I deliberately delayed posting because I knew I had “a lot of free time” ahead. 

I had some major hip surgery mid-November. Doctor told me I could “start” hiking and paddling in June. Seven weeks on crutches with NO weight on my leg. And an atrocious brace from my waist to my knee that looks like something out of the Terminator. I’m GIDDY as hell that I get to WALK in a pool next week. 

When I can sit upright for more than a half hour, I’ll start updating. I ventured out West to Colorado and some amazing hikes. And I discovered a series of seven huge waterfalls in Georgia that are not on any maps, guide books or anywhere online. 

But I’m jonesing to get outside. For more than a year, I spent at least 3 nights a week in my tent. And for the past five weeks, I haven’t gotten out of bed except for doctor appts, battling rodents, and bathing. I’m going stir crazy. Going through my database for serene car camping sites with great views once I’m cleared to get off crutches. 

I have a rehab training goal set for the end of August. With my surgeon & physical therapist’s blessing to do “an epic backpacking trip”. I still haven’t decided. (Not like I don’t have the time…) Thinking Utah. 



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