Another Hickey (Gap)

About a year ago, I visited Hickey Gap in the Conasauga area with a group. It was a little crowded for my taste, and the weather was cold…

I decided I’d revisit the long FS road, aka Mill Creek Road. It has some very large potholes, but my non 4wd made it without incident. Keep your eyes open and drive slowly. You’ll see ample views of Mill Creek waaaay down below.

I arrived on a weekday, and I was the only camper. It is FREE, with a vault toilet, picnic table, fire ring, lantern hook and five nice-sized tent pads. All but one site backs up to Mill Creek, which is apparently stocked with trout. There is no water for drinking, but there is ample downed wood – bring an axe.

There were a few people who drove by, but it was an incredibly quiet site. There were 2 other campers the following evening. A female ranger oversees this area and she us known for regularly checking on the area… So make sure you’re obeying all the rules.

Be aware there was quite a bit of broken glass along the creek shore. Critters and kids should not walk around barefoot! There are a couple of trashcans on site – use them instead of being a twit and busting glass beer bottles.

The waterfalls:
If you walk downstream, you’ll pick up a path that takes you beside a number of gorgeous cascades and waterfalls. Pay attention to the signs about flash flooding – you’ll see significant evidence of the amount of flooding from debris buildup.

The path is not marked, not particularly challenging if you don’t do a lot of scrambling. There are numerous spots that make potential swimming holes in warmer weather.


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